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My Survey

People I emailed about Auntie Sue

Please use contacts to let me know if I spelt your name wrong. I did not expect everyone to reply. I only wanted to give, as many people who may have know her, the opportunity to reply. I understand many may have not have known my Auntie Sue and/or could have been very busy or unable, for one reason or another, to reply.
I appreciated, everyone who could reply, especially, if they could help me in anyway.
I am sorry, if you may have wanted to be part of those I surveyed. There were many more that, I wanted to ask, but I did not have their email address. You can use the survey and email your reply via contacts if you choose.

Everyone who responded

The effect Auntie Sue had on people who knew her.

Things Auntie Sue Accomplished

What People said when asked if they thought Auntie Sue was a heroine

Why people think Auntie Sue is a heroine

If you want to know more checkout Sue's Life

When I have directly quoted from people I have tried to always use italics and I have summarized.