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The effect Auntie Sue had on people who knew her

Auntie Sue inspired and motivated people to make a positive difference to the community and to develop their own potential.

She was an important role model to many, She taught people kindness, patience, determination, to laugh and appreciate life even when things are tough, sincerity, loyalty, to care for the well being of others, bravery, what a friend should be and that everyone is exceptional in their own way and can contribute to the world.

She helped me keep a perspective on what is important in life; that little things that other people might fret about are not important compared to life itself. She also demonstrated the power of positive thinking, how that can lead to better health, and how you can still enjoy life even if it's very tough day to day.

She showed how important it was to help others.

Sue was a 'doer' and she contacted me from time to time in regard to issues of sidestream cigarette smoke, resulting in me contacting the Adelaide City Council and the Minister for Health. Although I am a non-smoker myself and very much dislike cigarette smoke, Sue made me realise just how devastating the effect of sidestream smoke can be.

She showed by example that being ill shouldn't stop you, look after yourself but be positive that you can be productive and make a difference.

She taught people that they need to be sensitive to the needs of others.

She deeply impressed people with her uncompromising determination to fight for others and for smoker environments.

She was admired greatly and increased peoples knowledge of passive smoke and its dangers.

People learnt determination to fight for what you believe in and to keep fighting till you succeed.

People wondered at her bravery and strength.

People were very deeply affected by Auntie Sue's leadership as it said 'Come on, you can do it, whatever it is - no excuses!!' "Just do it!"

Sue inspired many to take chances to make a difference in the world, Australia and/or their community and people did succeed.

'She not only inspired me, she stopped me from ever thinking life was not so precious, or that things were too difficult. She motivated me to get on with my own life, to fight for the Right to Breathe, and for the rights of people with all kinds of disabilities.'

To not only stand up for your rights but the rights of others.

She made an enormous impact on many because of her determination, intelligence, dedication, fighting spirit and wonderful sense of humor.

Auntie Sue was unforgettable.

She was deeply respected by the enormous time and energy she would put into issues she believed in.

Because of her struggle for life she made others thankful for their life and health.

She made people not sulk but look outside of their circumstance and to help others.

Knowing Sue was a humbling experience as she did so much despite her own circumstances that it made you try harder to accomplish what you need to do.

Her sound philosophy, unique resilience and evident passion inspired many.

She made people tougher or even tougher and gave people the guts to speak out against the injustices they saw around them.

She taught people to keep reaching out to help others this was despite that she got hurt many times she never gave up on people or issues that needed her.

I was so impressed with her determination to make the world a better (smoke-free) place that I redoubled my efforts to help her.

People were inspired by Sue's zest for life to 'dream the impossible dream' ....her display of a daring and indomitable spirit and they themselves or they would get others to help make her dreams a reality.

Her 'effect' continues to impact on my life today and I know will for the rest of my life. Sue will always be my friend, a friend who was caring and loving her passion for life and her deep devotion to caring for the most vulnerable, children and the planet, are the things that filled our relationship with 'awe'. If it was up to her body Sue would have died years ago, but her mind was so strong and she found her purpose in life, well perhaps purpose is the wrong word. Perhaps it should be that she did not let her illness get in the way of trying to make the planet a safer more caring place. The air that we breath is essential to life. Ironically Sue had Cystic Fibrosis an condition that did not allow her to breathe with ease, with this she continued to attempt to protect the quality of everyone's air. Especially that of the children.

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