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Why people think Auntie Sue is a heroine

She was brave and clear-sighted who was able to talk about her own death as few people are able to.

If something didn't work Sue never said poor me she would pick herself up and she would strive to do better.

She believed in the democratic process - that all should be able to live and participate without discrimination and worked for others as well as herself.

A selfless leader, one individual who had the courage to stand up for vulnerable people, and fight the big corporations who needed to be shown a better way to do things so people don't get hurt. A person who constantly battled health problems but never let it stop her - always took control. Who could see the good in everything - and give the gift of laughter. Someone who never, ever gave up - who used all her wonderful intellectual powers to work for the good of others. Someone who inspired and motivated others to achieve their goals, and led them to do their own best. She shared and linked people together, gave them strength to have a go at what was important for them. A person motivated by the highest ideals of love and care for others without counting the cost for herself.

She fought to improve the lives of a lot of people even when she was unwell. She was a woman of determination and courage and she fought for principals right to the end.

She was a strong woman who achieved but also against the odds.

Sue fought her entire life for the right to breathe... not only for herself, but for every person. She achieved a great deal - far more than most people without disabilities or health problems could imagine in a long lifetime.

Sue stood up for what she had to, for her own survival, but this was also something that is important to stand up for everyone (clean air) but which few other people in Australia have been brave enough to push for, I think Sue was very brave, and very beautiful.

Because she was prepared to make a stand about an issue that wasn't very high up on the public agenda at that time. There was still a feeling in many parts of the community that people should be allowed to smoke wherever they wanted to. Sue was one of the voices saying that this shouldn't happen.

Sue was a heroine because she had so many admirable qualities and she achieved a great deal. Many people don't have these traits at all or not as many. Sue had them even though she was sick with CF. This is why it is even more special. She was a humanitarian because she dedicated her life to helping others i.e. people with lung problems.

Sue was both an "admired woman: a woman who is admired or looked up to for her qualities or achievements" and a b) "a remarkably brave woman" and a humanitarian which is a "caring person: somebody who is committed to improving the lives of other people"

The most heroic part of her (for me) was her ability to stay focused on her beliefs and fight with all that she had to accomplish those beliefs. Many people, young and old, could learn from Sue's courage and her work. Too many people seek only to take from the world, rather than to add to the world. Sue always gave.

She was a heroine because of her drive to achieve something that will benefit others.

Sue did not sit home and moan about her condition but tried every way available to her to make life safer and more bearable for everyone, particularly for those with respiratory problems. The internet was a great tool for Sue when she was confined to the house and she used it to great advantage right up to the time of her death. Sue was like an old-time reformer who spouted her message to all who would heed her, she lobbied every person and society that she thought could help the cause and because she had modern tools at her disposal her message reached and affected a much wider audience. With her web sight Sue's message will go on for a long time yet. And we will all benefit by it!!

She did so much to bring the issue of passive smoking to public attention, (deservedly so) especially as it affects children. On the other hand, her life was consumed both by this cause, and her constant struggle with her inherited condition, cystic fibrosis, which made this cause so personally important to her. It was impossible to separate Sue the person from Sue the campaigner for a cause.

Sue fought for life, she stayed alive until she believed and knew that her work against protecting people from passive smoking was taking a life of its' own and would not die.

A brave and determined one. She made the most of her life and thought always of others.

A forward thinking, ahead of her time crusader as she dedicated her life to improving the world, not only for herself in her condition, but for many others situated likewise.

A real one - the kind that had to battle every day, every minute, to achieve - some heroes are heroes because they do something special for an hour or two in the middle of a major disaster, or whatever - they are great people, but there is another kind of courage needed that has to work every day when the person knows they will wake up to the struggle every morning and there is no escape. It's that ability to carry on every day that is so special.

Here, in SA where she set up on her own she was particularly brave. At times it was too much for her and she had many bouts in hospital. She despaired over the hospital system. I realize now she needed a lot more help than she ever got.

One that didn't go out to be courageous but just was. One who triumphed over adversity.

She gave courageously of her energy and time to the tobacco control cause - often when she was very ill. She inspired others with her strength and determination. I miss her a great deal.

Because she was so brave and fought so hard for what she believed in and her rights, not just for herself but for the benefit of others. She also knew how to enjoy herself and have a good laugh. I did not believe she was ever going to die and in a way she will live on forever.

Perhaps one of Sue's phrase best sums up her personality, political tactics and motivation. "Making Positive Mischief".

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