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I want to thank all the people who responded to my survey on Auntie Sue especially those that didn't know her. I appreciated everyone who took the time to reply and all the great information.

Thanks especially to my Nanna and Cathi for all the information, help and encouragement. Special thanks to my sister Samantha for her continuing work on Auntie Sue's biography it is a very hard job to finish.

Thank you to my sister Elizabeth for helping me with the names lists. She had to check every email for this project.

Thanks to Robert for the triangle highlighter. It made it a lot easier to go through all the great emails.

Thanks to Peter for checking my website and giving me helpful feedback and letting me know about some stuffups so I could fix them.

Thanks to my mum for supporting me with this project. She helped me research, read everything with me and entered data that I asked her to when I wasn't up to doing it myself.

Thanks to these and other members of my extended family and friends who have also helped me. Without your support I wouldn't have been able to finish this project or at least not for a very long time.