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Ian Gilfillan

Australian Democrats

Member of the Legislative Council




To whom it may concern


I have known Ms Sue Meeuwissen for several years through her active involvement with the Australian Democrats.


Although severely affected by her respiratory problems and acute allergy to tobacco smoke, she was able to contribute substantially to the operations of the Party.


Firstly as a lively, intelligent contributor to meetings and group discussions and secondly in the formal role of newsletter editor, a function she performed extremely well.


Sue's specialist knowledge of current information technology was of particular benefit to the Democrats. As newsletter editor Sue was able to completely overhaul the previous publication, and present members with a professional document, liaising with contributors and other volunteer staff to produce it.


It is a considerable loss to the South Australian Division of the Australian Democrats to have Sue move interstate. She will be missed not only because of the attributes I have listed here, but also because of her friendly, positive interactions with people with whom she comes in contact.


Sue's ability to effect change and create awareness of the health risks of environmental tobacco smoke, and the rights of non-smokers will, I feel, be of ongoing benefit to the Party.


I have found her to be competent, energetic (health permitting) and reliable.


Yours sincerely





Ian Gilfillan MLC





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