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About Me

In my class, my teacher said we had to do a project on our favourite Australian hero or heroine. I chose my Auntie Sue as I loved her and I was missing her very badly.

I was missing her very badly as my Mum had received a letter on her birthday dated my Auntie Sue's birthday that was horrible and it was filled with untruths and made me very sad. So though the people, who were associated with that letter or knew about it and did nothing to help, hurt my family and me. I want to acknowledge them and the horrible letter as without it this chain of events this website may never have happened.

To research my favourite heroine, I decided to email some people and then I emailed some more from the responses I received. I found out that a lot of people still remembered my Auntie Sue and this made me feel a little better and glad.

Auntie Sue and I were together for 9 yrs from 24.7.91. She helped me be delivered while she was on oxygen. I had a sleepover with her at Nannas when I was a baby. When I was over 1 I had a great holiday with her and my Mum and Dad and brother Shaun in Adelaide. I love looking at photos from then and hearing stories from others about it. At 3 years old I had another stay with her in Adelaide with my sister Elizabeth and Mum. I still love watching the video we made together at Investigator.

Auntie Sue helped me when we searched for land to move to live in South Australia. It was Auntie Sue who found Derkrukmeeu where we now live. It was also she who wanted me and my brother and sisters enrolled in Distance Education so we could have consistency and great education despite our health.

In between all that, I enjoyed watching videos, being on her website and helping her make it. We told each other great stories and jokes. She always made me feel protected, loved and cared for. She made me or enjoyed yummy food with me. She enjoyed yummy take-a-ways with me. In hospital, we had fun watching videos and eating take-a-ways or just being together. The best was the cuddles we shared. I always knew she stood up for others and tried to make a difference in the world and I know that she would love to be protecting and helping me now.

On the 24.7.2000, I got to hold her hand and stroke her face one last time and I got to make her artwork and give it to her with a single rose and tell her, one last time, "I love you".