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the peoplescape stories

Susan [ Sue ] Meeuwissen

Nominated by Susan McGregor - VIC

What contribution has this person made?
Sue was a driving force behind making Australia a safer place for people with respiratory conditions such as cystic fibrosis and asthma. Passive smoking is a real danger to people who are unfortunate enough to have a lung condition. Sue helped change this situation through community awareness and via her dedication to the development of regulations that are now beginning to help make Australia accessible to all. This was achieved despite her own severe illness [ cystic fibrosis ]. Sue died in hospital - July 2000.

Why this person is important?
Sue was like an older sister to me for 17 years. She was an inspiration in life and in death due to her care for the community and her need to make a positive difference to the world. She lived fully despite incurable illness and showed what pure spirit is capable of doing. Sue showed us what a wonderful place the world could be if everyone had the same courage, determination and care for others.